10 Top-Rated Tourists Destination Islands in Indonesia

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10 Top-Rated Tourists Destination Islands in Indonesia

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Indonesia is ecstasy for island lovers. Unbelievable but true, Indonesia has more than 18, 000 islands. Each island has a very distinctive character to itself. Wanna visit all the islands? Then, might have to ask for more than one lifetime.

Did the novel “Eat, Pray, Love” made you fell in love with Indonesia? Out of all the islands in Indonesia, Bali is the most famous island. Many dreamers come to Bali in search of inner peace and soulmate, just like Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love. The magnificent villages, terraced rice fields, stunning beaches, and cultures of Bali are awe-inspiring.

Don’t stay limited to only Bali! There are many islands as beautiful as Bali which you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Confused about which islands to choose from the ample options? Don’t worry we got it sorted out! But do remember, some trades and businesses might be closed due to the global pandemic. Take precautions and enjoy the trip.

Here is the list of 10 top-rated must-visit islands in Indonesia:


1. Bali

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No doubt Bali is going to be in the number one position. Get ready to bathe by Bali’s world-class resorts and beaches. Keeping aside all the luxuries, Bali also has a rich culture and inland scenery.

Ubud, the artistic center of Bali, you can explore temples, shop handicrafts, and enjoy local music and food. Head towards Ubud Monkey Forest, a monkey sanctuary with forgotten statues and temples. If you want to go for a hike, Ubud also has to offer you the UNESCO World Heritage Site, terrace rice paddies.

Bali’s beaches are a complete package with silky white sand, surf-ready swells, and long palm trees. Not only the white beaches, but you can also enjoy ocean battered cliffs over the black peaches with turquoise waters. The resorts have even more to offer with a perfect vacation destination tag. You can enjoy the plunge pools, landscaped grounds, plush beds, Indian foods, and more. With so many things to do, you would fall in love with Bali.


2. Lombok

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Lombok is the cooler version of Bali with less crowded people and more nature, a flawless feast for the eyes. The island of Lombok is home to unmatched natural beauty, palm-fringed coastlines, lush volcanic hill slopes, hidden beaches galore, and stunning waterfalls. A perfect scenario for the backdrop of Robinson Crusoe.

The trekkers receive the perfect gift from the Lombok. As Mount Rinjani bids the most legendary hikes in Indonesia. The 3726-meter-tall volcanic mountain is the second highest peak in the country. It also serves as the pilgrimage site for the Sasak and the Hindu people. Climbing the top of the mountain is really difficult but reaching the summit you will mesmerize by the landscape views.

Don’t like trekking? Head to the Selong Belanak Beach, get a traditional Sasak massage at the local spa. Enjoy the tide rolling in while sipping the fresh coconut.


3. Sumatra

Sumatra Tourism (2021): Best of Sumatra, Indonesia - Tripadvisor

The island adjacent to Malaysia, Sumatra is one of the top tourist destinations in Indonesia. Lake Toba attracts thousands and thousands of tourists every year. Lake Toba is the world’s largest volcanic lake situated in the center of a supervolcano. You can spend your weekend here, drinking the scenery. The lake water is crystal clear and warm, having sloped roof homes in its surroundings and hotels with beautiful gardens. The atmosphere will fill you with utmost peace.

Now move to one of the largest cities in Indonesia, Medan. It is a bubble to the culinary scene. Try out the local foods here, such as Rendang (spicy beef), Soto Medan (local name for chicken soup), and Nasi Padang (banquet style steamed rice with veggies and meat toppings). Visit the village of Bukit Lawang for seeing the orangutans. Wildlife lovers will love it.


4. Flores

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Wondering why Flores is the best island in Indonesia? Well to find out, hike atop the Kelimutu Volcanic mountain. Upon reaching the summit, the mountain serves as the platform for witnessing the Flores’s main attraction – the three crater lakes with brightly colored.  Each of the craters has a different hue like blue, red, or green which changes occasionally. According to scientists, the change of color occurs due to the release of different gases from deep inside the Earth. Whatever might be the science says, it is a sight to behold.

Flores is the right place to witness the local culture. The villagers of Wae Rebo lets you stay in their quirky conical residences as an authentic homestay. This shows what is Indonesia’s hospitality all about. Visit Liang Bua, also called the “Hobbit Cave”, the limestone cave. In 2003, archeologists discovered the remains of ancient humans.


5. Gili Trawangan

North Lombok's three Gili islands will reopen soon.

Gili Trawangan always ranks high on the tourist’s travel list as it is the most developed and largest of the three Gili islands. You will find some prettiest white sand beaches in the country.

Gil Trawangan is also called Gili T. It has an interesting history. Starting from the name which it got from the Indonesian word -” tunnel”. It has many cave tunnels built during World War II during the Japanese reign over them. You can also dive to the Gili Air, a Japanese patrol ship. No doubt you will fall in love with this beautiful place and its intriguing history too.


6. Java

The Temples of Java, Indonesia

Out of the west stands the island, Java holding a unique experience for travelers to explore. This island gives the tourist to experience the hectic city of Jakarta. You can eat the local street foods or go on shopping at 170 plus malls. Visit the 9th century Borobudur, a Buddhist archaeological side to witness the sunrise. The hundreds of statues are cast with the warm pink glow from the sun.

If you don’t want all the hustle and bustle of the city life, head towards the sightseeing of the old town, Kota. You can also spend the afternoon on the grassy laws at Merdeka Square. Love the museums? Fascinate yourself by paying a visit to the Museum Macan.


7. Tidung

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Have grown from the concrete jungle? Call off to the Tidung, a place in the Thousand Islands chain. Being one of the best islands in Indonesia, this place seems like heaven on earth, apart from the developed areas. You can also go to Sunset Beach for watching an astonishing view of the sun falling back into the horizon.

Apart from all the picturesque scenery, the Jembatan Cinta bridge is the main attraction on site. It ties the mainland to the smaller land piece, also known as Little Tidung. Walk across the bridge enjoying the views and act as carefree as the teens jumping off the bridge to the sea.


8. Nusa Lembongan

Devil's tears bay, nusa lembongan. sunset. Premium Photo

An unusual yet lovely little island, Nusa Lembongan is a must-to-have on the list of places to visit in Indonesia. It is the home to the seaweed farmers community. The island has everything you could ever ask from Bali with fewer crowds and tourists.

You could visit untouched sunset spots on the top of the rugged cliffs, colorful tropical fishes flashing around the healthy coral, perfect enclosed swimming areas, and lastly, the budget-friendly bungalows facing the white sand beaches. It is just a perfect piece of paradise.


9. Komodo Island

Komodo dragon sitting on the ground against the backdrop of stunning scenery. Premium Photo

Who doesn’t love to see dinosaurs back on the earth? It would be thrilling yet scary too. But you would prefer to watch something less scary from that family, wouldn’t you? That’s the reason you should visit Komodo Island. The main destination is the Komodo National Park where you can find Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizards. Komodo Island is the best place to see exotic creatures in their natural habitat.

Not only the Komodo dragons but also you can find snorkel with manta rays. If you visit during November to March, you might a glimpse of them. You can go to Pink Beach, a coastal area with salmon-colored sand.


10. Bintan Island

Pulau Bintan Island (Tanjung Pinang, Riau Indonesia) cruise port schedule | CruiseMapper

One of the best islands in Indonesia, Bintan Island is a favorite destination for Singapore tourists too. Bintan Island provides you with calming beaches with plush resorts. It is a short ferry boat ride away from the main city.

Trikora is one of the famous attractions on Bintan. As the area consists of a total of four beaches with big boulders and silky soft sand, laying across the blue sea. This beach has gained a name for the best spot in Southeast Asia for kitesurfing.



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