19 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

19 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

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Indonesia is colossal in terms of land area and population. It has unique geological diversity and colorful culture. Speaking precisely Indonesia has 18,110 islands and inhabited 6000 islands. No wonder it is the largest archipelago in the world. With 240 million population who speaks over 250 different languages, derived from 300 ethnic groups. While Bali is the most selected destination, Indonesia has more to offer.

The archipelago of Indonesia holds precious treasures in its myriad landscapes, cultures, and cities. Indonesia offers a romantic getaway as well as has a tint of adventure. From hiking active volcanoes, exploring ancient temples to dive in the untouched blue waters. Wander among the busy streets of Jakarta, visit the remote villages of Tana Toraja, face the volatile Anak Krakatau or absorb the bliss of Bali.

No matter what you choose, your holiday will be remarkable. You would appreciate this country for its natural beauty and steep history. If you want to know more about the top-rated tourist destinations in Indonesia, don’t stop reading. Although remember that some trades and businesses might be closed due to the global pandemic.

Here is the list of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia.


1. Beaches of Bali

Panoramic view of broken beach in nusa penida, bali, indonesia. blue sky, turquoise water. Free Photo

The most popular vacation spot in Indonesia is none other than Bali. Although, Bali is home to traditions and cultural landmarks, for many people Bali is the paradise of beautiful beaches. If a beach vacation is what you crave, head out to the best beach resorts and tan your body. If a beach vacation is what you crave, head out to the best beach resorts and tan your body.

Turquoise blue water and warm sand are what Bali all about. This island doesn’t disappoint you. One of the best beaches in Bali is Kuta, fulfilling all wishes like surfing, warm sun, and socializing. Due to its popularity, there is no shortage of restaurants and other things to do. For quieter and fewer tourists, Nusa Dua is priceless beauty. Sanur is the perfect place, giving both great water sports and culture.


2. Orangutans of Borneo

Orangutang in action in malaysia park Premium Photo

Your trip won’t be complete if you didn’t visit the beautiful Orangutans. Borneo seems just the right place to call on the endangered creatures. Although Orangutans live in the wild, many sanctuaries protect Orangutans in their natural habitat.

In Kalimantan, Borneo, Tanjung Putting National Park is the home to the largest Orangutan population across the world, including birds, primitives, and reptiles. If you couldn’t make it to the Borneo, see Orangutans at Bohorok Orangutan Center in Bukit Lawang. It is a tourism village in the Sumatran jungle.


3. Borobudur

Famous borobudur temple in mungkid, indonesia Free Photo

The ancient temple, Borobudur is the most tradionaly important landmarks in Indonesia. The temple was built in the 8th century. It was built in the structure of a traditional Buddhist mandala. Being considered the greatest Buddhist site in the world, Borobudur is one of the top UNESCO World Heritage sites.

This historic temple was forgotten for centuries when the population moved to eastern Java due to the massive volcanic eruptions. It was rediscovered in the 1800s and presently, main attraction sites. Borobudur lies nearby Yogyakarta, an old Javanese city popular for its historical offerings and rich culture. Visit the temple at sunrise for brief hiking and experience the breathtaking view of the temple being bathed in golden light.

4. Toraja land

Toraja land is an unforgettable area - Review of Toraja Village, Rantepao, Indonesia - Tripadvisor

Torajaland or Tana Toraja is a highland area of South Sulawesi. It is home to the Toraja people. The massive, peaked-roof houses, also called tongkonan made Toarajans quite famous. A spectacular yet cruel funeral site is also serving as another reason. Wanna know the process? When a person dies, the dead body is kept for several years until the actual funeral ceremony is performed which again lasts for many days. Finally, the deceased is buried in a hollow tree or a small cave.


5. Gili Islands

What Is The Difference Between The Islands? Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno And Gili Air | Villa Almarik

Lombok is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia. The Gili Islands is a cluster of three islands named Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air. Take a note, the name “Gili Islands” is superfluous as Gili means “small island” in Sasak. You will find several islands across the coast of Lombok which has Gili in their names.

The Gili Islands are a serious attraction site in Lombok, which has risen in popularity among backpackers and tourists over the years. The island is quite picturesque with beautiful beaches like Bali. The islands also provide the chance of snorkeling and diving at the turtle sanctuary. If you are looking for more turtle action, you’ll try a turtle hatchery where many of these creatures are born annually. Kayaking is another popular activity to do in Gili Islands. It helps to reconnect your body and mind. There are also many options for free yoga classes. The Gili Islands has a more relaxed environment as compared to Bali.


6. Bunaken

Diverse Indonesia: Diving The Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken is one of the most famous dive spots and snorkeling areas. It is situated the north of the island of Sulawesi. The best time for visiting Bunaken for diving is around April and November. This island is apert of the Bunaken Marine Park, so you can see more than 70% of the fish species, living in the western Pacific Ocean.


7. Komodo parkland


Who didn’t dream of seeing a dragon, even a miniature one? The komodos of Indonesia aren’t any mythical creatures, however, they’re fierce and deadly animals. Komodo park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, encompasses five main islands and a variety of smaller ones, furthermore because of the surrounding marine areas. The water from these islands is the most diverse and richest in the world.

Although the star of the show is Komodo dragons, while visiting the park; yet tourists also go on snorkeling, hiking, canoeing, or travel to the small villages on the islands. Another highlight is Pink Beach on Komodo Island. This pink beach is one of the most stunning and the highest beaches in Indonesia. Visitors must arrive by boat to the islands, and there’s an admission price plus additional costs for transportation, guide services, and other activities.

8. Baliem Valley

Baliem Valley | West Papua Indonesia | Roamindonesia.com

The Baliem Valley is the uplands of Western New Guinea. It provides a peek of the stone age world. The valley has remained unknown to the outside world till 1938, until an ariel reconnaissance flight southwards from Hollandia. It discovered a vast agricultural population. Wamena is the point where most visitors come to marveling the roaring rivers, mountain views, tribal villages, and the Dani people.


9. Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud

Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali - Sanctuary of Grey Macaques in Ubud - Go Guides

Ubud is that the cultural heart of Bali, and it’s here you will find the Sacred Monkey Forest, a serene space where you’ll be able to feel the traditional majesty of the island. At this Hindu temple, you will see many long-tailed macaques, a species of monkey commonly seen throughout a geographical area. The temple also makes a stimulating visit because Balinese Hinduism combines aspects of several different religions, making it unique among other forms of Hinduism practiced today.

Official site: http://monkeyforestubud.com/


10. Jatiluwih Rice Fields, Bali

Green rice terraces jatiluwih close to ubud, bali, indonesia Premium Photo

Bali isn’t just about the white sand beaches. Jatiluwih Rice fields in Bali are famous tourist destinations. The lush green and breath-taking terraces of the Jatiluwih rice fields are a designated UNESCO Cultural Landscape. It is also a part of the Subak System of Bali. The scrupulously irrigated and cultivated fields are proof of the rich natural resources in Bali. It is carefully carved by the skills of the local farmers. If you didn’t visit the rice field, your trip would remain incomplete.


11. Mount Bromo

Mount bromo volcano on mount penanjakan in bromo tengger semeru national park, east java, indonesia Free Photo

Indonesia sits on the Ring of the fireplace, a locality with a few of the foremost active volcanoes within the world. Other country volcanoes like Mt. Merapi are quite famous for violent eruptions. It is a spectacular and strenuous beauty.

Mount Bromo is one of the most beautiful active volcanic mountains due to the incredible views, standing on the caldera during sunrise. The peak of Mt Bromo was blown off in a volcanic eruption. You will still see the white smoke crawling from the mountain. The volcano is an element of Bromo Tengger Semeru parkland, which also includes Mount Semeru, the very best peak in Java. It is home to the Tengger people, an insular ethnos whose race travels back to the ancestry of the old Majapahit empire.


12. Banda Islands

Review of Banda islands ~ Maluku, Indonesia | 2021 Edition

Everyone knows Bali and Lombok as vacation spots. But Banda Islands is not less. It has an off-the-beaten pavement getaway surrounding it. It is a band of 10 islands that is located at the edge of the Banda sea. Its depth reaches more than 6,500 meters.  The peoples of Banda Island are on the radar due to their spice trade, rich in nutmeg.

Also known as “Eastern Indonesia’s beautiful secret”, the Banda has untold fun for drivers and sailors, generally. Primeval dive sites have the opportunity to catch a sight of sea turtles, sharks, whales, lobsters, endemic Ambon scorpionfish, and many other creatures. Book yourself an accommodation or chose to live aboard a boat, which stops around the great dive sites throughout the islands.


13. Tana Toraja

Scenic traditional village in tana toraja Premium Photo

A visit to Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi Province won’t only want you’ve stepped far back in time, but also offers a glance at the richness and variety of Indonesia’s long-standing cultures. The architecture style of Tongkonan, boat-shaped houses is immediately eye-catching. It is a perfect piece of natural paradise. They are, by many accounts, the friendliest and most welcoming people you may hope to satisfy while traveling.

The Toraja approach to death is one in every of reverence and celebration. Funerals are elaborate ceremonies involving lots of food and traditional dance, and therefore the dead are buried in graves built into surrounding caves. Travelers to the realm can visit villages and connect with locals, or trek within the notoriously lush and pristine countryside.


14. Pura Tanah Lot

Pura ulun danu bratan, hindu temple on bratan lake landscape at sunrise in bali, indonesia. Premium Photo

Who hadn’t heard about Pura Tanah Lot? It is one of the most famous temples in Bali. Constructed on the rock formation in the sea. The original structure deteriorated so a few parts are now artificial stones. Pura Tanah Lot brings more people, especially to watch the sunset.

The temple is located on the southern coast of Beraban village. You can even walk around the temple at low tide. After witnessing the magical sunset, take a stroll at Tanah Lot market. Purchase rare Balinese souvenirs.


15. Lake Toba

Lake Toba, Sumatra: The Largest Volcanic Lake In The World | WowShack

Lake Toba is another natural wonder of Indonesia. Why? Cause it is both a body of water and a supervolcano. The lake, which sits in an exceeding crater, was formed between 69,000 and 77,000 years ago and is believed to possess been the results of a catastrophic eruption.

The lake Toab is 1,145 square kilometers and 450 meters deep-seated. Regular volcanic activity is recorded in this lake. The Lake Toab pushed many lands above the water’s surface. Lake Toba may be a study in beauty and the powerful forces at work on the earth. Here, you’ll be able to go swimming, water skiing, canoeing, or fishing, or persist with wandering the encircling area on foot or bike.


16. Raja Ampat

Painemo island, blue lagoon, raja ampat, west papua, indonesia Premium Photo

The fairyland of lush, cone-shaped islands set against blue and turquoise waters is one of all Indonesia’s most spectacular sights. many islands and cays structure this tropical paradise, but the wonder extends beneath the surface likewise. Colorful fish and various forms of marine life thrive within the warm, clear waters. In fact, the coral reefs here are several the foremost biodiverse in the world, making it a well-liked area for diving in Indonesia.


17. Kalimantan, Borneo

Borneo rain forest waterfall Premium Photo

Few places suggest wild, untamed adventures like Borneo. It is one of the most exotic ecologically diverse areas on mother earth. Borneo is home to rare birds, pygmy elephants, orangutans, Sumatran rhinos, and many more other animals.

In Kalimantan, in the province, you’ll travel down the Kapuas River, the longest in Indonesia; visit villages of the indigenous Dayak people; and observe foreign influences from Europe, Malaysia, and China within the cites and ports throughout the way.

You can also go trekking within the rainforest for an opportunity to determine several of Borneo’s famed wildlife head-to-head. Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya parkland could be a conservation area in West Kalimantan that has two of the best mountains in Borneo and supports wildlife like orangutans, clouded leopards, slow lorises, sun bears, and plenty of other species.


18. Mount Krakatau

5 Facts about Mount Anak Krakatau - Life en.tempo.co - Tempo.co

Surely, the eruption of Indonesia’s most famous volcano, Krakatau, in 1883 was the biggest in recorded history. This volcanic eruption deeply impacted the climatic conditions of the world. It took a dangerous toll on human life around Sumatra and Java. Anak Krakatau, “Child of Krakatau,” is that the youngest of the islands formed by the 1883 eruption and made itself above the surface in 1930. Krakatau, the young and active volcano rises higher from the ocean and causes destroying eruptions. Anak Krakatau still breathes fire and smoke. You can visit Krakatau to see the power beneath the surface of the earth’s crust.


19. Gunung Rinjani

Telanjur Heboh, Pemisahan Pendaki Gunung Rinjani Dibatalkan - Bisnis Tempo.co

Gunung Rinjani is another famed volcanic in Indonesia, a top tourist destination on Lombok. Rinjani has not seen any eruptions lately. But the caldera-forming eruption in the late 13th century is considered as most powerful in human history. There is a lake in Rinjani’s caldera and in that lake is Mt. Baru, which is an active volcano.

You can see the rare black Ebony leaf monkey, the sulfur-crested cockatoo, long-tailed macaques, and other unusual species, in Rinjani National Park. Many guided treks are available. If you wish you can camp in the park under the stars. The park also provides treks but quite strenuous. So, before planning a hike to the mountain, you need to be in good physical health and stored with appropriate equipment.

Official site: http://rinjaninationalpark.com/

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