9 Best Places for Indians to live in Jakarta

9 Best Places for Indians to live in Jakarta

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The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is home to oodles of people across the globe. This city in Southeast Asia is all dynamic and lively. You would find a perfect place to call it home away from the home. Jakarta is one of the major cities with all the amenities readily available. Jakarta, the nation’s capital, is situated on the northwest coast in the island of Java. With over 10 million population, Jakarta is the focal point of economics, culture, and politics. As anticipated, the city is going to become one of the world’s biggest megacities while the population is rising to 35.6 million people. It would be a thrill living here, isn’t it?

Jakarta is the hub of mixed different cultures and traditions. It is home to people around the world like Malay, Arab, Japanese, Chinese, European, and mostly, Indian. These varied people influenced Jakarta to have rich architecture, cuisine, and language. As an Indian, you would love to live here. Many people get confused about where to stay in Jakarta. Hence, the list of safe and beautiful places for Indians, below will enlighten you.

Now let’s jump into the list of the best places for Indians to live in.


1. Jalan Jaksa, Jakarta

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Jalan Jaksa or Jl. Jaska is one of the shortest streets in the city. It is only 400 meters long. The area is located nearby Monas, the national museum. Gondangdia railway station is to the west of the Jalan Jaksa. Counting all the pros, Indians would love this place. Jaksa is built mainly for foreign and local backpackers. Many tourists and ex-pats prefer this place due to its cheap accommodation and pulsating social life. With all the streets filled with travelers, you will still get the small and peaceful village vibe. Backpackers choose this area mainly due to its direct connection to the local culture and downtown scene of the city.

Jalan Jaksa is the piece Menteng is a subdistrict and located in the city center. Living here is pretty with the convenient facilities like laundromat, second-hand bookstores, money changers, pubs, travel agencies and many more. It is also the place where many ex-pats gather or live nearby. Jalan Jaksa has many places to offer like Awan Lounge, a garden bar with top view attractions. Waha Kitchen remains open for 24 hours a day and enjoys the Asian menu and fashionable bistro. Warung Ngalam, the food stall showcases with open café with single seating. The right place for tasting Indonesian dishes. During the night, entire comes to life, mainly at Melly’s Garden, Cocktail and Friends, Equal Park. With the live music and bands, many ex-pats and tourists love this place.

Speaking about budget-friendly accommodation, many two-star hotels and rooms are costing around $10 per night. Cool! Most of the hotels are here inexpensive and amazing deals, surely it won’t hurt your hotels. Hostels are available for backpackers. This place is also known as the backpacker street in the city.


2. Menteng, Jakarta

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Menteng is located in the heart of Jakarta. It outgives the distinct look with having a massive fountain, tree-lined streets, and tall skyscrapers. It is a lovely space for having experience of the local dining and entertainment. Menteng is popular for its parks and gardens. It is the perfect area for going on a walk.

Wondering where to sleep in these vast surroundings? There are many hotels in Menteng, perfectly inclining with your budget. You can also find backpacking hostels like Six Degrees and Konko Hostel. Whiz Hotel Cikini and Gondia International Guesthouse are the preferable budget hotels around it. If you are with your family, AONE Hotel and Amaris Hotel Kebon Sirih are the best for the kids. For the luxury hotels, you can go to the Hotel Borobudur and The Hermitage.

Taman Suropati is the right place to start your Sunday morning with free yoga classes. If not yoga, head towards right around the corner, Taman Menteng for strolling and enjoy your neighborhood. Visit the Besuki Public School, a popular institution where Barack Obama studied. You can even find his statue in the courtyard.  Menteng is a prodigious area to stay but it has some downside too. Such as you need to pay extra in comparison to the other places in the city. Starting from food to living, everything is expensive. You also need to deal with rush hour traffic, which is kinda frustrating.


3. Tanah Abang, Jakarta

Sunset in Tanah Abang Market (Pasar Tanah Abang), Jakarta. The overcrowded wholesale market looks so peaceful from top | Travel photos, Travel, Skyline

Tanah Abang is quite famous for its market of the same name. It has so much to offer to the visitors and backpackers as the district has Sudirman, Thamrin, and Seneyan on its radar. Tanah Abang is located away from the center of Jakarta. So, no problem reaching there through different kinds of transportation. Hotels, museums, and shopping malls are easily available in Tanah Abang. If you want to buy worldwide known clothes, go to shopping malls likes Senayan City, Grand Indonesia, and Plaza Senayan. For purchasing local souvenirs and fabrics, head to the Tanah Abang Market.

If you didn’t visit the biggest and oldest textile shopping center, Pasar Tanah Abang, then what’s the point of visiting? It is the largest textile and garment wholesale center in entire Southeast Asia. Pasar Tanah Abang market has more 13, 000 kiosks and shoppers with numbers around rising 80, 000 per day. Make sure to shop here. The best time to visit for avoiding crowds is during weekdays. The crowds increase on weekends, before lebaran and holidays. The market is air-conditioned yet wear comfy clothes.

For the living accommodation, many hotels are close to the market. Many hotels charge $10 to $11 per night. Budget hotels like Ibis Budget Jakarta Tanah Abang offer $21 per night. Although the hotels may seem cheap but, they super clean and sanitized. You would still find expensive hotels here.


4. Old Town/Kota Tua, Jakarta

Jakarta old town, Indonesia | Wiki: Kota Tua Jakarta ("Jakar… | Flickr

Kota Tua is also known as Indonesia Old Town. It surrounds the Taman Fatahillah Square, located in North Jakarta. It is quite an infamous area as it is called the red-light district. Enjoy real street life with the best street foods around Jakarta. Even several stalls remain open till the early morning. You can head to the nightclubs, massage parlors, and strip clubs. Normally, the hotels aren’t packed much as they are used for a short period of time. Streets stay busy till the end of the day. Most people don’t prefer to stay in this area but it has some advantages. Like you can stay in a good place without disturbing the budget. Visit tourist attractions like Chinese temples, museums, and Sunda Kelapa.

Old Town is a place loved by backpackers due to the massage parlors, tourist sites, and nightclubs. If you plan to stay here, many budget-friendly hotels are located nearby Fatahillah Museum. Wonderloft Hostel is preferable for those who travel alone. Sadly, most of the people complain about the safety in the area and the streets are very dirty.  If you have plans to visit the Plaza Indonesia or the city center, it would take around an hour with the typical traffic. At night, you can reach the city center faster within just 30 minutes. You can easily accommodate public transport. The airport is near too.


5. CBD Business District, Jakarta

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CBD or the Sudirman Central Business District is a mixed-used concept, especially for business. You will find plenty of office buildings, condos, hotels, shopping malls, and an entertainment center. In this area, you will find the Treasury Tower, the second tallest building in the entire country.  The important buildings in SCBD are Equity Tower, The Energy, District 8, and Pacific Place Jakarta.

You will not find many ex-pats living here but the nightlife is vibrant and lively. For the business meetings in Jalan Sudirman or Senayan, CBD is the appropriate place. Although the hotels are quite expensive here. If you are on a budget, CBD might disturb your budget. Yet many backpackers love to visit this place. Want to know why? The nightclubs are the reason many backpackers love to visit this place.

One of the cheap backpacking hotels in CBD is the Dempo Guest House. If you are hunting for budget-friendly hotels are the Favehotel Gatot Subroto and the MK House SCBD. The Chandra Residence and The Gunawarman are the few midrange hotels.


6. Kemang, Jakarta

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In the southeastern portion of Padang in Mampang Prapatan district, Kemang exists and it’s considered one amongst the foremost charming neighborhoods in Jakarta. It’s going to not be as popular because of the other areas within the city but remains a decent travel destination. Not one but Kemang has many places to offer including boisterous nightlife and family-friendly spots.

Park Regis Arion is simply one of the most effective sites here, especially for travelers. If you wish to explore the realm, particularly its attractions and popular activities, the park is a wonderful choice. Additionally, you must visit the subsequent hotspots while within the neighborhood such as Ragunan Zoo, Ancol Waterpark, Dunai Fantasi funfair, Central Park Jakarta, and Blok M store.

The Mall of Indonesia is additionally during this area, further cementing Kemang together of the highest places for shopping. It’s ideal for families and people who want to undertake the coffee and a few snacks. The streets are quite narrow and you will end up in heavy traffic most of the time. However, if those situations are fine with you, Kemang has different accommodation types to settle on from, including hostels, expensive hotels, and lodges.


7. Setiabudi, Jakarta

Setiabudi - Wikipedia

Situated in South Jakarta, Setiabudi the subdistrict is full of many attractions. No wonder many tourists and locals awe this area. The Golden Triangle of Jakarta or Segitiga Emas Jakarta is the reason why Setiabudi so famous. Setiabudi is not just a tourist site, it also has many commercial organizations and businesses in the city.

Wondering the meaning of the name? This famed place is named after the Indo and Sudanese national heroes of the country. The area plays an important part in the history of the city. The constructions in the Setiabudi administrative village are one of the oldest in the entire subdistrict. As it had the primary housing neighborhoods in Jakarta as compared to the other developed areas. Apart from the Bendungan Hilir, Setiabudi was one of the first neighborhoods to gain direct access to Sudirman Road.

Now let’s talk about the accommodation in Setiabudi. You have varied options from mid-priced condos to budget-friendly hotels to luxurious hotels. If you want to stay in an apartment fitting with your budget, you can easily. Or do you want to stay in hotel suites with all the comfort and less price? Some of them are Fraser Place, Hilton Hotel, Executive Apartments, and The Mayflower Marriott.

Setiabudi has not one but many places to visit. If you plan to visit this place, go down the list below so you don’t miss any of the fun. So here is the list of a few of the best places in the Setiabudi:

  • Mega Kuningan – Flattered with the high-rise buildings in the Golden Triangle of Jakarta, Mega Kuningan is popular among ex-pats and tourists. This is the exact area where the JW Marriott Hotel bombing took place in 2003, the Australian embassy in 2004, and the bombings of the JW Marriott Ritz-Carlton in 2009. Quite a place, isn’t it?
  • Rasuna Epicentrum – It is a mega superblock with more than 53 hectares. You can easily spot the hotels, offices, sports centers, shopping malls, and residential development in this area.
  • Pasar Rumput Market – Translate the meaning of the name in English that means Grass Market. The place earned its name due to the Indonesia grass establishment of their shops. This place where local people do shop often. The Menteng elites rely on this market for the grass to feed their horses. These days many locals and tourists go to the market for buying meat, fish, veggies, fruits, and many others.

Do check it out and have fun!


8. Kemayoran, Jakarta

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Kemayoran could be a district located within the upper part of Central Jakarta. To reach you must go the boundary of the North Jakarta district. It’s a brisk area with lots to supply for tourists, including music festivals. At the center of this neighborhood lies the Kemayoran complex, which was once the old airport of town. It had been converted into a hall, which is now called the Jakarta International Expo. Kemayoran has business offices surrounding it and Mangga Dua and Pasar Baroe, which are among the city’s oldest shopping centers are often found here. This area also consists of the Sophia Art Center and also the Art 1 New Museum. These two are a number of the latest buildings within the neighborhood where you’ll witness modern art, serious music, and paintings.

While there are some restaurants during this part of town, backpackers love Lenggang Jakarta Kemayoran thanks to the culinary treats here. The realm alone has over 100 kiosks presenting you with street food and favorite beverages. Fried tempeh, Pecel Ikan, Tofu, deep-fried catfish with sambal, and many more. Soto Betawi may be a must-try moreover, which may be a local beef soup covered coconut milk. Kemayoran has several hotels to decide on from but there are other varieties of accommodation available, like apartments, condo units, and townhouses. Some luxury hotels are within the subdistrict but you’ll want to test other nearby neighborhoods for more options.


9. Kuningan, Jakarta

Fantastic View In Mega Kuningan Jakarta Editorial Stock Photo - Image of light, architecture: 186912008

Kuningan is one of the best residential neighborhoods in Jakarta. Located around JL. Rasuna Said, Kuningan is full of plenty of housing developments favored by expatriates. Patra Kuningan is one of all the favorite areas with a well-planned and fresh neighborhood around the area. It’s said that Kuningan has become one central downtown area in South Jakarta because of the event around the Mega Kuningan area. Cheers to that, new offices and apartment towers are highly inbuilt this area to assist the efficiency. Few of the apartment in this are Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence), Aston Rasuna Apartment, Ascott Kuningan Jakarta, Bellagio Residence, and more

For the shopping malls, you’ll be able to reach notable malls like Pacific Place, Plaza Indonesia, and Grand Indonesia for under a quarter-hour away. aside from that, some international schools are also placed nearby which are Jakarta Intercultural School’s Pattimura and Jakarta International School.



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