5 Top-Rated Things to Do in Jakarta


5 Top-Rated Things to Do in Jakarta

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The lively capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is a pot of culture and fun. There is not one tradition that you will see in Jakarta. The city is a mix of traditions including Indian, Japanese, Dutch, Arab, and more. No wonder the city is dynamic with its own flavor.

The tourist attractions of Jakarta show the larger picture of the cosmopolitan city. At Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, you can explore the traditional homes from all over 18, 000 Indonesia’s islands. You can also witness the past by visiting the architecture at the Old Town from Jakarta’s colonial period. Acquire knowledge about the early humans of Indonesia at the National Museum. If you wish, enjoy the period about the independence of Indonesia at the Monas national monument.

Jakarta is quite famous around the world for the best coffee scene. Most people gather and socialize around trendy cafes, not salons. Jakarta has myriad street food stalls, and you would love the fried rice. The city is full of multipurpose dazzling shopping malls with some art, entertainment, and events. Continue to read to check out the best things to do in Jakarta. Some trades and businesses may be closed due to the global pandemic.

Here is the list of 5 top-rated things to do in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta – the city of fun and tradition.


1. Witness Jakarta’s History in the Old Town

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Although Indonesia’s capital is all modern and bleeding tech, the historic past remains intact. Jakarta’s Old Town in Kota is the best place to visit as you get a sense of the City’s past. As the area was used as the Dutch East India Company’s headquarters in the 17th century. Explore the place by foot or bike from Fatahillah Square. Kota’s streets are a treasure of photographic sites. Visit the famous Café Batavia is to escape the heat and sip cool mocktails.

The center of visiting the attractions in Kota is Taman Fatahillah. The colonial buildings of the Dutch are surrounded by the cobblestone plaza. It creates the perfect contrast to the glass and concrete skyscrapers present in Jakarta. Standing on the square’s southern edge, the 400-year-old building town hall is transformed into the Jakarta History Museum. Upon entering you will see more than 20, 000 historical objects as well as ceramics, antique maps, Betawi style furniture, and the prison cells that held freedom fighters of Indonesia during the 19th century.

Another famous attraction in Kota is Museum Wayang located on the western edge of Taman Fatahillah. Here, you can witness the Javanese tradition of wooden puppetry and free puppet shows. Across the square from Museum Wayang, check out the Museum Seni Rupa Dan Keramik. It has an outstanding collection of handicrafts and ceramics from Indonesia, Europe, and some parts of Asia.

Address: Jl. Lada Dalam No.7, RT.7/RW.7, Pinangsia, Kec. Taman Sari, Daerah Khusus Ibukota, Kota Jakarta Barat, Jakarta 11110


2. Visit the Museum Nasional

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The National Museum of Indonesia, Museum Nasional is a place you mustn’t miss the visit. It is counted as one of the best museums in Southeast Asia. Situated on the western edge of Merdeka Square, the Museum Nasional has a rich collection of 70, 000 artifacts.

The Museum Nasional is divided into two different wings where each of which boasts its own exhibits. The new wing has four floors which exhibits human origins and culture in Indonesia. See the priceless collection of artifacts and gold jewelry from Central Java. Another thing to see is a model of the “Flores Man”, the remains of early humans found on Flores Island in 2013. And the exhibit of the rare textiles around Indonesia.

Now let’s move to the old wing. The new wing is connected to the old wing through a glass-walled bridge. You will observe the renowned assortment of classical Hindu Buddhist statues. The major highlights are the four-meter-tall carving of King of Malayapura, Adityawarman upended atop a ring of skulls.

Well, you don’t need to enter the museum to experience it. The courtyard itself is a history with more than 150-year-old building structure. You will see a beautiful fountain carved out of a bronze elephant statue. The iconic work stands as the inspiration for the main structure also called the “Elephant Building”. It is built by the Siam monarch Chulalongkron to Batavia in 1871.

Address: Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.12, Kecamatan Gambir, Daerah Khusus Ibukota, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta 10110


3. Take a Day Trip to the Thousand Islands

Virtual tour explores Thousand Islands regency - Destinations - The Jakarta Post

Enough of Jakarta’s concrete jungle? Pack your bag and take a trip to the Thousand Islands, a collection of 110 exquisite islands distributed in the Java Sea, north of the city. Many ferries and private planes take tourists to the hot spot areas in the island chain from Marina Ancol every day. It takes about 30 minutes from the ferry port to reach the Pulau Bidadari, the closest Thousand Islands. The highpoints include sandy beaches, rare trees, and a 17th-century fort. Spend the night in an overwater bungalow.

Palau Tidung is the most picturesque spot out of the Thousand Islands. You can spend the day snorkeling, bicycling, and taking pictures on the legendary Love Bridge. The bridge connects the main island to the small piece of land. Located 90 minutes away from Jakarta, Pulau Sepa is an adventurous island. You have many water sports options such as snorkeling, banana boat rides, diving, and jet skiing. You can also sleep in a cottage or camp out and watch stars.


4. See Kites at Museum Layang-Layang

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Wondering why go and see kites at a museum? Well, flying kites is a tradition in this part of the world for over 2, 000 years. And there is no better place than Jakarta to learn about the old heritage at the Museum Layang-Layang. It is a magnetism view down a tranquil lane in Pondok Labu.

There is a collection of over 600 colorful kites. How colorful! You will see a short movie screening in the museum that explains the origins of kite flying in Indonesia and the many styles of kites. Just the appropriate amount of information tourists needs!

Want to more about the kites before heading there? Hunt down to see a huge flying horse kite with wings spanning the length of the entryway. It also displays a kite with the head of a fire-breathing dragon. A breath-taking 3D kite of a horse-drawn carriage with spinning wheels. You will also see many traditional kites from banana and bamboo leaves. If you feel inspired and want to build a kite, you can use the material at the museum to construct your own kite.

Address: Jl. H. Kamang No.38, RT.8/RW.10, Pd. Labu, Kec. Cilandak, Daerah Khusus Ibukota, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12450


5. Shopping at Jakarta’s Mega Malls

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No matter where you go, the mega shopping mall is always close in Jakarta. The national capital, Jakarta has more than 170 shopping malls spread across the zones. It has an impressive architecture with many floors. Each floor has shops, restaurants, theaters, grocery stores, galleries, salons, and many more. It is an ideal place for spending time avoiding the rush hour traffic.

As there are as many as 170 malls, which is the best mall in Jakarta? Well, it depends upon your needs. Grand Indonesia Shopping Town features the largest movie theater in Indonesia, a video game arcade, and a fountain show. Plaza Indonesia in Central Jakarta has international luxury brands such as Rolex, Bulgari, Ted Baker, Kate Spade, and locally made batik textiles.

In West Jakarta, Mal Taman Anggrek also known as MTA has over 500 stores, Indonesia’s largest indoor ice-skating rink, concerts in the central atrium, massive LED display across the entire building. Foodies should take a meal at the hearty food hall in Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta.


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