Best Music Festivals in Indonesia

When it comes to music, there will undoubtedly be a limitless amount of topics to cover since it is something that is enjoyed by practically everyone in every part of the globe. Music, in and of itself, cannot be isolated from daily life since it has evolved into a personal need. There are already innumerable artists representing diverse genres, and the number of musicians is always increasing.

This causes the music business to flourish fast as a result of the fact that they take the initiative to host an annual music festival by inviting a large number of performers at the same time. Many music festivals have sprouted up worldwide, and Indonesia is no exception. The people, particularly the younger generation, are delighted to come and see their favourite performers perform as a means of letting free.

These music festivals come up with a number of innovative and fascinating themes in response to the growing popularity of their events.

Java Jazz Festival

Do you have a hankering for some jazz music? The BNI Java Jazz Festival has been running for 13 years and will be holding its 14th edition in 2018. They are considered the pioneers of Indonesian music festivals and will be holding their 14th edition in 2018.

They organise a variety of other fantastic music initiatives all around the nation, this one is not to be missed.

Java Jazz, which has been running since 2005, is generally regarded as one of the most important jazz festivals in the world. Since its inception, the event has maintained and, in some cases, increased its popularity.

A diverse range of foreign and local acts perform at the festival, always featuring a strong lineup. Java Jazz Festival is usually hosted at JIEXPO Kemayoran for three days every year. Musicians from all over the world play on various stages that are strategically placed around the arena daily.

Synchronize Festival

Known for presenting performers from various genres over its three-day performances every year since 2009, this music festival has become well-known for its consistency. It is a national event that brings together hundreds of Indonesian musicians from the 1970s to the 2000s who are among the most popular and greatest in the country.

Furthermore, Synchronize Festival offers an Outdoor Cinema, an Art & Merchandise Market, a Records Fair, and a Food & Beverage Festival, among other things. Every year, the event takes place in the Gambir Expo Kemayoran.

Soundrenaline Festival

Soundrenaline, which is similar to Synchronize Festival, is one of the world’s largest and trendiest multi-genre music events, having been established in 2002.

Originally, this festival was renowned for rock music concerts as their speciality, but, in 2016, the event organiser chose to modify the image and idea of the festival to become a multi-genre music festival, which draws a larger audience. If it was formerly hosted in Jakarta, it has now been held in the Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali for the last many years.

LaLaLa Festival

Already, the name elicits a desire to sing in most individuals.

LaLaLa Festival is a well-kept secret in the Indonesian capital of Bandung. It is the first time that an International Forest Festival has been held in Indonesia. The yearly festival, which takes place in the Orchid Forest Cikole woods, brings together music, art, and nature in an exquisite and out-of-the-ordinary setting.

Local and international performers excite festival-goers and join them on their adventure across the wilds of Africa and Europe. In addition, there is a food court in the woods. Must go there to enjoy.

Air Festival

Gili Air is a tranquil island off the coast of Lombok that is about two hours by boat from Bali.

White-sand beaches, crystal blue seas, and the absence of automobiles and scooters make it an ideal setting for a relaxing vacation.

Every year, however, towards the end of March, the little island hosts the Air Festival, which brings together epic deep house, minimal techno, and experimental electronic DJs from all over the world for a weekend of music.

The tropical landscape is vibrant and surreal in appearance. One edition had a hot air balloon that floated above the main stage, a treehouse, and a “sunrise” DJ deck positioned between palm palms on the grounds. A second stage in the forest, complete with campfires and a more spiritual atmosphere, will be set up for the plastic-free event.

The party lasts for three days and has previously included artists such as Mimi Love, Rampa, ATA, and many more on the list.

We the Fest Festival

We The Fest, which began in 2014, has established itself as a pioneer in the Southeast Asian music festival scene. It is a must-attend event for festival enthusiasts since it combines the joys of art, music, fashion, and gastronomy.

For the first time, it was held over three days in 2017, attracting more than 50,000 attendees. The lineup is generally nothing short of spectacular.

There have been performances on the We The Fest stage by well-known acts such as The Kooks, Phoenix, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the Temper Trap, Purity Ring, Hot Chip, and Flight Facilities.

The planning is flawless, the atmosphere is upbeat, and it is widely regarded as one of the top music festivals in Indonesia.

It is a summer festival of music, arts, fashion, and cuisine first held in 2012 and is well-known for showcasing performances from various musical genres. Like the Coachella Festival in the United States, this event is a luxury festival where festival-goers are encouraged to express themselves without inhibition.

In the venue, located at JIEXPO Kemayoran, they may take part in a variety of wacky activations and zones. Aside from local artists, there are those who are well-known globally and locally.

Music Gallery

Indie rockers SORE, Danilla, The SIGIT and White Shoes and Couples Company, Jason Ranti, Mondo Gascaro, PMR Orchestra and others perform at Music Gallery, which is the country’s premier event for discovering the greatest indie bands.

Each year, the event is conducted by the BSO band and the Universities Indonesia’s Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB). The atmosphere is youthful, hipster, and subterranean. Festival that is new, yet must be attended.

Jazz Gunung Festival

Because it takes place in Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, and Malang, this music festival offers a one-of-a-kind experience in terms of concept. While taking in the sights and sounds of live music performances in open spaces, festival-goers may take in the breathtaking scenery.

Since its inception in 2009, the festival has included a diverse range of international and local jazz performers. Aside from that, various regional arts performances represent the country’s variety.


Its festival scene is among the most active in Southeast Asia, attracting thousands and thousands of music and party enthusiasts each year. Make a point of keeping an eye on these occurrences.

These are the much-anticipated festivals that you shouldn’t miss out on at any cost.

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